To start the process of getting a model approved, it is necessary to fill out the submission form with the necessary information.

The next step is to make an agreement for test between the European Coffee Brewing Center (ECBC) and the Manufacturer/Brand Owner. The agreement also serves as a declaration of confidentiality.

The purpose of this agreement is to test coffee equipment according to the Gold Cup Standard.

An appointment is made for testing of the equipment which is sent to ECBC within the agreed time.

A work shop can be offered if your product is in an early stage of development, or you want to learn more about the certification requirements and the approval program..

The test fee must be paid prior to test start. Equipment that does not qualify for approval may be retested after modifications have been made. Full test fee will apply for each new test.

When the tests are completed, the ECBC will provide the manufacturer with a test report.

If the coffee brewing equipment meets the approval criteria after test completion, there will be an option for the Manufacturer/ Brand owner to sign a Licence Agreement with the ECBC.

Only manufacturers/brand owners with ECBC approved equipment are entitled to use the ECBC seal of approval. The Licence Agreement must be signed by both parties and all invoices must have been paid.

After the License Agreement is signed, ECBC will make a press release and include the equipment in the list of approved models. ECBC will co-operate with the manufacturer on launch and marketing.

All coffee brewers will be sent to ECBC’s office in Oslo to begin the evaluation process. ECBC will return all brewers at the completion of the tests. All test results will remain confidential unless instructed otherwise by the manufacturer or until such time as the manufacturer signs the Licensing Agreement.

All tests will follow a standard format that conforms to the good brewing practices outlined in this manual. In summary, ECBC will ensure all tests use:

  • Fresh, cold water with a temperature of 15ºC – 20º C .
  • The proper grind for the required brewing time of the coffee-brewing device.
  • 60 grams of coffee per litre of water.
  • The water contact temperature is measured in the centre of the filter unit on the surface of the coffee.
  • The voltage used during the test will be adjusted to obtain the given wattage of the coffee maker.
  • All equipment is tested at full capacity.

If a brewing device is designed to operate at varying capacities and has passed the full-capacity performance test, it will then be tested for the other rated capacities. It must achieve the same performance rating at this level as at full capacity. No unit will be tested at less than two-thirds capacity, unless it has been specifically designed for this operation.