Water supply

Fill the water tank to maximum level, press start and check how long it takes for all the water to flow through. If the brewer spends more than 5 minutes 30 seconds letting through all the water, then there is no point in sending the brewer for testing.

Brewing temperature

A correct brewing temperature must be between 92 and 96 °C, and the temperature must not exceed 96 °C. Check with a temperature sensor in the filter holder that the temperature is within these limits.

ECBC collaborates with manufacturers and brand owners worldwide. Ensure that you fulfill the requirements and fill out the submission form.

When we receive a brewer for test, the first thing we do is to measure the full capacity of the water tank. Then we measure the water delivery time for the water tank. If this exceeds 6 minutes or the temperature is out of range, there is no need to execute the full approval test.

Between one and two weeks.

The price consists of two elements:

– Licence fee based on the number of units sold

– Test fee, fixed price for conducting a test

As an option, ECBC offers workshop as an introduction to the approval program.

All prices are found here

Only manufacturers/brand owners with ECBC approved equipment can use the seal of approval. The seal may be used on all ECBC approved equipment in all markets as well as in the marketing of the product.

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